Exact Remote and Key 2003

I am able to duplicate most types of automotive keys perfectly so “they work first time every time.” My equipment is verifyed

   With 15 years experience and the latest cutting edge equipment I am able to make any key for a house door, or program a smart proximity key for a late model Hybrid Toyota.

Keys can be expensive to replace these days so I also have a repair service for remotes and remote keys. This can save you hundreds of dollars and a lot of lost time getting your car started.

So if you need a standard house key, a car key, a remote replacement, a quality padlock, commercial door barrel change, you can come to my workshop on the North Shore, email me or phone to get straight unbiased advise that will always save you time and money when dealing with remote and car key issues.

                                                                      Regards Daryl


You can send your damaged remotes and remote keys to my workshop. They will be repaired and sent back within days.                          More info

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We cut all types of keys quickly and accurately, Tubular keys, Abloy keys, laser cut keys, Tibbe keys, Mortise keys, Post box keys, house and office keys.                                                  More info

Check our range of automotive keys, car alarm remotes and garage door openers and late model smart proximity immobiliser    More info