Exact Remote and Key 2003


Can I get a key cut while I wait?

We cut standard keys and simple car keys while you wait. “My customers say I’m the fastest around “

Some late model automotive keys take time to program in to the car diagnostically.

A Volkswagen can take from 30 mins to a couple of hours, this does not have any affect on the cost of the key.

What if a key that I have had duplicated does’nt  work?

Our keys are 100% Guaranteed to work or your money back. Because we use computerised equipment and have lots of experience duplicating keys this may only happen once in about every 1,000 key cuts.

I have lost my only car key, can you make another?

It costs alot less to make or program a new key if you have a working key.

I will be blunt, people who don’t have backup keys made before they are needed, in my book are pretty stupid and I am not even keen to waist my time helping them.

These people are usually happy to waste everyones time instead of practicing a bit of personal responsibility in being prepared by having spares.

One situation the client had both keys destroyed in a house fire. This is a situation where I was only too happy to get new keys programmed for them.

Why do car keys cost so much these days?

One of the things that I have noticed in the last 10 years is new car prices have kept relatively low. The car manufacturing industry now makes their main profit from parts that the car needs over the years to keep it on the road.

One of the parts is genuine car keys and diagnostic software for programming the keys in.

Here is a simple break down of what some of the costs are for a laser cut immobiliser key for a lexus:

The laser cutting machine $18,000

An authorised diagnostic programmer with correct software $14,000

The key and transponder chip approximately $90

The time to make and program this key 25-30 mins

GST @15% approx $30

For all of this, the finished programmed key costs aproximatley $198 and can save the car owner Thousands of dollars on a new ECU computer if their original is lost.